Backflow preventer and backflow prevention systems in NH and MA - DSG Backflow Preventer Services

DSG Plumbing Services is owned and operated by Daniel Gagne, a New Hampshire Master Plumber for 25 years. Dan has worked in a number of plumbing and heating areas from residential to commercial and industrial Backflow Preventer, including daycare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, factories, residential homes, and more.

Years ago, Dan developed an an interest in cross connection survey and troubleshooting water systems in commercial facilities. The first line of defense starts with proper backflow protection and maintenance of new and existing devices. Many times Dan encountered situations that were a result of a problem inside a facility. Due to a lack of testing and maintenance, the device failed to perform, a relief valve was stuck shut, or checks were clogged with debris. In New Hampshire and Massachusetts, the ONLY person allowed to perform repairs on backflow preventers serving domestic water lines is a licensed plumber, unless the device is connected directly at the meter. If directly connected at the meter, an employee of the water purveyor is allowed to provide repairs. Water suppliers and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services have taken numerous steps to protect the water supply to guarantee the safety of the water coming out of your tap. Backflow preventer testing and repairs are the first line of defense in the public water system.Through continuing education, licensed plumbers gain access to new information and products on a regular basis.